#slitaz 2017-06-15

[13:10] john3voltas: hey guys
[14:17] dlo: hi john3voltas
[14:59] john3voltas: sorry, for taking so long. long talk on the phone...
[15:00] john3voltas: anyways, i'm trying to install slitaz on a virtualbox vm on a windows 7 host
[15:02] john3voltas: slitaz's iso boots up fine and i can work with it but when i install on a vm disk everything seems to work fine but when slitaz's vm boots up i get syslinux boot menu saying it can't find vesamenu dot something
[15:03] john3voltas: the vm won't boot and keeps outputing the same message. i tried the boot option 'slitaz' and it actually booted but with some error messages and it won't go into xorg
[15:03] john3voltas: it stays on bash login. i can login with tux/root fine but can't go into xorg
[15:35] dlo: error message?
[15:49] john3voltas: nope. just the cannot find vesamenu.c32
[15:49] john3voltas: gotta go pick up my daughter
[15:49] john3voltas: be back later today
[15:49] john3voltas: thanks in advance
[16:26] n-iCe!~nice@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :Hello!: Hello!!
[16:29] n-iCe: hi
[16:42] dlo: hi
[16:42] dlo: you know #slitaz is never a chan-party
[16:46] n-iCe: should be
[16:46] n-iCe: lets do it
[16:46] n-iCe: by the way, let me checck the forum, and see if they answered me
[16:48] n-iCe: they have not answered
[16:55] dlo: slitaz is not a really moving distr
[16:59] n-iCe: its really lightweight
[16:59] n-iCe: I like it
[17:08] dlo: me too
[17:08] dlo: but the devs are too much lightweightt
[17:11] n-iCe: I see
[17:11] n-iCe: do you know any other distro?
[17:11] n-iCe: like slitaz?
[17:11] n-iCe: well supported?
[17:15] dlo: no
[17:15] dlo: i use slitaz since 2010
[17:16] dlo: and it really worth it
[17:16] dlo: i just know it seems to be no distro in version 6 would be released
[17:17] n-iCe: where are you from
[17:19] dlo: fr
[17:32] john3voltas: dlo: you mean that development has ceased?
[17:32] john3voltas: the rc4 iso i downloaded is from may this year
[17:34] john3voltas: the error message i get after installing is right at the syslinux bootmanager
[17:34] john3voltas: it says 'Could not find kernel image: vesamenu.c32
[17:35] john3voltas: after this it keeps retrying and outputting the same message over and over
[17:35] n-iCe: well I installed slitaz
[17:35] n-iCe: Im happy with it
[17:35] n-iCe: problem is cannot set latin american spanish mexico keymap
[17:35] john3voltas: if i try boot option 'slitaz' it can boot but no Xorg
[17:35] dlo: john3voltas: not really; christophe lincoln, slitaz's creator, left one or two years ago.. a team is now developping sltiaz, but the matter is between the team and the community.. they aree not everyday on the forum or listening quality problems
[17:37] john3voltas: dlo: slow moving...how fast do they address security vulnerabilities?
[17:47] dlo: john3voltas: i dont know i dont check that
[17:48] john3voltas: yep, in this day and age where we get ransomed for our data, i'd say that fast security fixing is a must have on any system/OS
[17:49] n-iCe: so
[17:49] n-iCe: is slitaz actually being updated or not
[17:50] dlo: it is
[17:51] dlo: rolling is weekly updated i think
[17:51] dlo: check on slitaz.org
[17:51] n-iCe: I use rolling
[17:51] dlo: i'm not a spokesman :)
[17:51] n-iCe: I feel the navigation slow in midori
[17:51] dlo: use tazweb or chrome
[19:22] n-iCe: john3voltas: how do I install chrome