#slitaz 2017-06-14

[04:08] n-iCe: oh, not a big community
[04:08] n-iCe: :>
[04:11] n-iCe: Heeeeeeello
[05:59] n-iCe: Hello, do can I set latin american keyboard???
[05:59] n-iCe: how
[09:17] tux_: Hi All, how do you get suspend resume wroking under slitaz?
[09:19] tux_: I have pm-utils installed and echo disk > /sys/power/state suspends for a second or so
[16:04] n-iCe: Hi
[16:04] n-iCe: I rrally need you help guys
[16:04] n-iCe: Have been trying to install slitaz
[16:04] n-iCe: I did dd to a sub to makr it bootable, works
[16:05] n-iCe: After than installed sitaz to my Hdd with my usb, moving with other usb the iso. And selecting the iso in the installer, supposed to worl fine, i formatted sda1 with ext4, no swap, makr sda1 bootable flag
[16:05] n-iCe: And it is supposed to be installed, but does not boot
[16:05] n-iCe: I have the boot menu and everything
[16:05] n-iCe: Any idea pls
[16:11] n-iCe: https://goo.gl/photos/9zMjmDp4ybdqdBc96
[16:56] dlo: n-iCe: did you checked the grub2 option at the last step of installation for dualboot win/nux?
[16:58] n-iCe: Yes
[16:58] n-iCe: Of course dlo
[16:58] n-iCe: Oh no just checked the install grub
[16:58] n-iCe: Sorry
[16:58] n-iCe: Need to check that one too?
[17:01] dlo: try to check dualboot
[17:02] n-iCe: Doing it again
[17:02] n-iCe: Ok
[17:02] n-iCe: You use slitaz?
[17:02] dlo: if not ask directly on the forum : irc channel is just frozen since months
[17:02] dlo: i use siltaz 3 and 5 sometimes
[17:02] n-iCe: Sad
[17:02] n-iCe: Installing
[17:02] n-iCe: Lets see
[17:02] n-iCe: Done
[17:02] n-iCe: Finished
[17:03] n-iCe: Booting
[17:03] n-iCe: Menu looks ok
[17:03] n-iCe!~androirc@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :Seems like it is working!: Seems like it is working!!
[17:03] n-iCe!~androirc@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :WORKED!: WORKED!!
[17:03] dlo: oh shit
[17:03] dlo: dont tell me i was right
[17:05] n-iCe: YES
[17:05] n-iCe: Worked
[17:05] n-iCe: Somehow
[17:05] n-iCe!~androirc@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :Let me come in slitaz!!: Let me come in slitaz!!!
[17:05] n-iCe: Hold on
[17:06] n-iCe!~nice@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :Done: Done!
[17:06] n-iCe: Im on the system
[17:06] n-iCe: One more thing, dont see they kepmap la-latin1
[17:06] n-iCe: any idea?
[17:10] n-iCe: brbr
[17:15] n-iCe!~nice@Aircrack-NG/User/n-iCe PRIVMSG #slitaz :Can't find la-latin1 : Can't find la-latin1 !
[17:15] n-iCe: any idea dlo
[17:24] dlo: wait
[17:24] dlo: in the slitaz menu, you should have a list of kb keymap
[17:25] dlo: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/slitaz-rolling-how-to-set-up-keymap
[17:25] dlo: and google for the rest :) sry i can't stay
[17:25] dlo: look on slitaz.free.fr maybe you can find other helps, or dont forget to ask on the forum
[17:26] n-iCe: problem is
[17:26] n-iCe: la-latin1 is not listed in there
[17:40] n-iCe: Dammit
[17:40] n-iCe: I cant use the ñ
[17:45] n-iCe: Hi niles
[17:56] niles: hey