#slitaz 2017-06-07

[02:17] godane: looks like there is a script for compiling busybox in slackware source folder
[17:14] Lynving: Hello peepz
[17:14] Lynving!~heisenber@ti0005a400-4832.bb.online.no PRIVMSG #slitaz :Hello good people: Hello good people! I have a issues with my macbook pro 2013 ( Firmware/BIOS password) i cant get access cuz i dont remember the password... and i haave tryed to install windows etc, and boot from cd with ophcrack +++... Now i got bootmgr missing... I Really want to install Mac OS El Captian on my macbook , format everything, i visit apple house service, but they just installed a SSD disk
[17:14] Lynving: for me.. I really need help, cuz my work/music productions is stopping when i cant access to my macbook... Only if i use (SliTaz -ophcrack..) And i dont know what i can do to fix this... Have tryed to remove ram bricks....