#slitaz 2017-06-06

[00:52] godane: so i got slitaz on my usb stick again
[00:52] godane: testing it on qemu
[03:30] dcosnet: cool
[03:30] dcosnet: hows life?
[04:03] godane: ok
[04:03] godane: i'm ripping old vhs tapes on slackware
[04:04] godane: i think a slackware fork would work better for slitaz
[04:05] godane: that way we could have something a bit more stable
[21:14] dcosnet: godane: maybe not a bad idea
[21:14] dcosnet: even gentoo
[21:14] dcosnet: that would excite me
[21:17] dcosnet: to be fair though if i had the free time i'm sure i'd love the slitaz build toolchain/ scripts and code
[21:17] dcosnet: i just have no free time anymore
[21:17] dcosnet: mainly because of the people i live with
[21:18] dcosnet: f^cking c^nts. my bad. anyway.
[21:18] dcosnet: they just steal all of my time with side tracking shit
[21:18] dcosnet: i have ADD
[21:18] dcosnet: i want to scream at these people to get the hell out of my life.
[21:18] dcosnet: ACTION shrugs
[21:23] dcosnet: anyway
[21:23] dcosnet: i new apartment is certainly one of my main goals atm.
[21:23] dcosnet: whenever i have free time. geek projects return
[21:23] dcosnet: such as i plan to work with the tilegx arch toolchain since i have a few of those sitting here