#slitaz 2017-04-25

[00:58] treaki__: hi
[01:08] tux_: hi
[01:43] treaki__: hi there, is there anything i can do to get a higher resolution on my virtual screen?
[01:43] treaki__: i have done everything i could: https://paste.debian.net/hidden/7bc8d4d5/
[01:43] treaki__: but still i was nunable to increase it to the detected maximum
[01:44] treaki__: but this maximum is totally wrong...
[01:44] treaki__: so i need something to increase this..., otherwise it isnt usable for me
[01:44] treaki__: thanks for any help in advance
[14:17] tux_: hi
[14:18] tux_: when i enter internet with midori line goes down, anybody please know why, thanks