#slitaz 2017-04-15

[08:38] yeehi_!~n@unaffiliated/yeehi PRIVMSG #slitaz :Happy Hardware Freedom Day: Happy Hardware Freedom Day! http://hfday.org
[14:34] niles: oh cool
[14:34] niles: never would have noticed that
[15:18] Redon_: hi there
[15:19] Redon_: i install slitaz
[15:19] Redon_: but on boot show Error 21:Selected disk does not exist
[15:59] niles: Sounds like slitaz has support for his disk in a module, not built into the kernel. Slitaz doesn't use an initrd image, so the kernel can't populate /dev/ with /dev/sda, etc.. and so it can't find the disk to mount
[16:00] niles: rip Redon_