#slitaz 2017-04-02

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[07:14] hpj_!adfef425@gateway/web/freenode/ip. PRIVMSG #slitaz :hi: hi! slitaz-4.0.iso boots ok from usb, x starts ok as well, but after lang and keyborad selection dialog screen goes dark indefinitely (system isn't freezing, caps lock works at least)
[07:18] niles: what graphics card?
[07:19] hpj_: intel onboard
[07:19] hpj_: the computer isn't that old
[07:19] niles: so your graphics drivers are i915?
[07:20] hpj_: don't know what i915 is
[07:20] niles: hmm
[07:20] niles: can you switch to a tty with control+alt+F2
[07:21] hpj_: hold on
[07:29] hpj_: sorry, computer suddenly rebooted
[07:30] niles: no problem
[07:30] hpj_: and no, i couldn't switch to another (text) screen
[07:30] niles: does it respond to REISUB?
[07:30] hpj_: what's that?
[07:30] niles: hold alt and SysRq at the same time and type out "reisub" on the keyboard
[07:31] niles: and if the computer doesn't reboot, then we know something's wrong with the kernel
[07:31] niles: as opposed to just X
[07:32] hpj_: no response, but i like to try again (from blackscreen)
[07:33] hpj_: again, nothing
[07:33] niles: well than I really don't know
[07:33] niles: sorry
[07:34] hpj_: is the reisub trick supposed to work anywhere, even within x?
[07:34] niles: yeah
[07:34] niles: unless it's been disabled, but that's rare
[07:35] niles: the e should politely kill all processes, the i will forcibly kill all processes, s will sync open files to the disk, u will remount the disk as read only, and b will force reboot the computer
[07:35] niles: it's kind of a last resort for when your linux computer is screwed up
[07:35] hpj_: but i don't have blinking leds that indicate kernel panick
[07:35] niles: could just be a hang, not a panic
[07:35] niles: much more common in my experience
[07:36] niles: stuck in an infinite loop somewhere
[07:36] hpj_: yeah, right, waiting for some io timeout
[07:37] hpj_: what i don't get is: isn't x already started when the locale and keyboard dialogs come up?
[07:37] niles: yes
[07:38] hpj_: i have seen a lot of linux live systems not working, but never one that becomes unresponsive *after* successfully entering graphic mode
[07:39] niles: yeah I don't know
[07:40] hpj_: hmm, caps lock is no longer responsive
[07:40] hpj_: so something happened while dark
[07:41] hpj_: and when i say dark, i mean the screen is still lit (not really off) but empty
[07:59] hpj_: hmm, i booted with nomodeset and scree=text, logged in as tux, ran startx ...
[08:00] hpj_: ~/.config/slitaz doesn't exist
[08:11] hpj_: ok, so booting justx live works
[08:12] hpj_: but gtkonly live, core live and live don't
[08:12] hpj_: problem somewhere in gtk, then?
[08:16] hpj_: wow, found it way to get to the desktop: select command line in boot menu and then: core kmap=us lang=en_US
[08:17] hpj_: now, something completely different: how to get the rolling iso to boot from usb?
[10:47] hpj_: got slitaz 5 to work, no more graphic problems...
[10:48] hpj_: new question: is there a way to boot from usb read-only?
[10:49] hpj_: i. e. boot from usb, but treat the boot partition of the usb as read-only
[14:50] henrypijames: bug report: tazusb gen-iso2usb (on latest rolling.iso) fails to find and copy kbd file into target boot directory
[14:52] henrypijames: says something about not finding /media/cdrom/... (of course not, gen-iso2usb is not gen-liveusb)
[14:54] henrypijames: despite the error, usb disk can still boot, but says something like "not loaded" after keyboard selection (as expected)
[14:55] henrypijames: problem can be fixed manually by extracting /boot/isolinux/kdb from iso and copy it into /boot/extlinux on usb disk
[14:56] henrypijames: likely, tazusb simply has the wrong source path when trying to copy the kbd file