#slitaz 2017-03-17

[00:21] vic7: Deutsch o. English?
[00:26] vic7: Maybe English is better... I have a question about cloop: Why were the official sources (https://packages.debian.org/source/sid/cloop) not used as a base?
[00:26] vic7: Because I noticed that the create_compressed_fs program of SliTAZ is lacking a lot of features compared to the one in Knoppix and Debian.
[00:29] vic7: I tried the SliTAZ version today but the resulting cloop file came out bigger - then I realized that there is no possibility to specify a crompression method.
[00:31] vic7: So - why? Should I ask this in the forum?
[13:17] dssmif: hi everyone i need help wen i conect to wi fi mi panel goes