#slitaz 2017-02-16

[06:14] Necrosporus: I think there are too many options in slitaz boot menu and they are not described, what's different between base and core?
[10:51] dlo: hello
[10:51] dlo: who is in charge of the forum?
[10:52] dlo: registred an hour ago, still didnt get the email
[10:56] m14ed: this sir , is not a forum
[10:56] m14ed: this sir is a CHANNEL
[10:56] m14ed: and as such = is loaded with LURKERS
[10:57] m14ed: * don't blame me - i am only visiting for the first time
[10:58] dlo: m14ed: when we dont have answer on the channel we go on the forum
[10:59] dlo: when the forum subscription doesnt works, we yell it on the channel
[10:59] dlo: more than an hour im waiting for the confirmation email
[11:21] m14ed: oh
[11:22] m14ed: *don't let me stop you then sir.....