#slitaz 2014-09-09

[05:32] ilk!~ilk@99-194-187-151.dyn.centurytel.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :HALP: HALP! I cant get no sound; Dell GX270 ICH5 and SoundBlaster Live 5.1 PCI card
[05:34] ilk: TazBot: help
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[05:34] Trixar_za: That's somewhat of a known issue on SliTaz 5 RCs
[05:34] ilk: ohh ok
[05:35] Trixar_za: I believe installing linux-sound should fix it.
[05:36] ilk: roger-wilco
[05:37] ilk: linux-sound-3.2.53 package is already installed.
[05:37] ilk: im not find any help on google wow,
[05:39] Trixar_za: Yeah, I'm trying to remember the forum post that had the fixes in it
[05:40] Trixar_za: You also have to initiate the sound lookup after the fact
[05:41] ilk: ok
[05:41] ilk: i really appreciate your help
[05:41] Trixar_za: This is why most people will tell you to go with SliTaz 4 since SliTaz 5 is still pretty messed up.
[05:41] ilk: ahh ok
[05:53] ilk: yeha thanks i wouldve spent countless hours on that before I would have downloaded 4