#slitaz 2014-09-06

[01:47] platoes: Tazbot: help
[01:47] TazBot: I can answer any question directed at me (by putting "TazBot:" before the question) that falls within my answers database (use "TazBot: topics" to see them). I can also answer questions containing topics ("TazBot: How do I become root?"). You can also ask me questions in private: "/msg TazBot topics".
[01:48] platoes: Tazbot: How do I boot from web?
[01:48] platoes: Tazbot: How do I become root?"
[01:48] TazBot: platoes: To become root in SliTaz's command line, first type su and press enter/return, then type in your root password (default password is root) when asked. Now you can use tools that require root like tazpkg.
[01:49] platoes: Tazboot: booting from usb?
[01:49] platoes: Tazbot: booting from usb?
[02:47] lewellyn: TazBot: topics
[02:47] TazBot: Topics: What is SliTaz, Install Packages, Update SliTaz, Become Root, LiveUSB, Low Ram, Compile Programs, Convert Packages, Base distro, Screen resolution, Video driver, Pastebin, SliTaz flavors, SliTaz ARM, Source code, Wifi, 3G, Qemu networking, Compose key, Linux tips, Kernel version, Skype, Xchat, Firefox, Opera, Flash, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Office Alternative, vnc, frugal install, tazusb, time, Mailing list, screensaver, Drivers, mp3,
[02:47] TazBot: logo of slitaz, end is up, is this on debian, is slitaz based on debian, is slitaz debian, is it based on debian, is it possible to run slitaz on, will slitaz run on, way to install base, can base only, way base only, is there base only, can i install just, programming threads, how persistant, how keep changes, before you know it the bot will replace us all, change language, change keyboard layout, drive not found, how stop xorg, repository,
[02:47] TazBot: repositories, edit code, editing code, request packages, request new package, remaster, where is trixar, Who is Trixar, hybrid iso, isos hybrid, iso hybrid, translate, i8n, Installing SliTaz, Install SliTaz, crap, xyzzy, undigest, Bluetooth, why would i, why should i, why must i, man
[02:47] lewellyn: TazBot: why must i
[02:47] TazBot: lewellyn: Just because
[02:47] lewellyn: heh
[02:48] nitelife: howdy all.
[02:49] nitelife: Hey, I'm sure this has been done to death, but . . . how do you pronounce SliTaz?
[02:52] lewellyn: i keep wishing that'd be answered on the about page. :P
[02:52] lewellyn: (no, i'm not sure)
[02:54] nitelife: bummer
[02:54] nitelife: maybe I'll file a bug report
[02:54] nitelife: haha
[02:56] lewellyn: do it :D
[02:56] lewellyn: the only time i heard someone pronounce it, he called it something that sounded like "slit ass" and i don't think that's at all correct...
[02:59] nitelife: ewwww.
[02:59] nitelife: I'm sayin Sly Taz for now
[02:59] nitelife: but it is a cumbersome name.
[05:11] tux_: cxcc
[05:12] tux_: c xljcvcv
[05:20] tux_: exit
[21:34] dcosnet: so i've been using slitaz 5.0 rc2 on an ibm/lenovo x201 laptop for the past week. works flawless
[21:35] dcosnet: even reads the battery level correctly
[21:35] dcosnet: :)
[21:36] Trixar_za: Nice
[21:38] dcosnet: stock iso would be nice to have the wifi drivers/wifi tools but eh
[21:38] dcosnet: not a big deal
[21:39] Trixar_za: I could get it to install too, but there were other issues. But it's a general Xorg and LXDE issues more than just a SliTaz one.
[21:39] dcosnet: ah
[22:10] dcosnet: crazy weather up here
[22:11] dcosnet: this town had a tornado warning
[22:11] dcosnet: and the weathers been well windy