#slitaz 2014-09-04

[01:50] prplthum: It's so wierd running an o/s on a 128 mb sd card with 40 mb to spare....
[01:52] Trixar_za: Yeah, it's a pretty nice novelty
[01:52] prplthum: laptop wireless recognized even....
[01:53] Trixar_za: If you want to try something crazy, Try running Windows 3.1.1 in Dosbox: http://trixarian.net/doswin.png - http://trixarian.net/doswin2.png
[01:53] Trixar_za: :P
[01:54] prplthum: In dosbox while running slitaz ya mean ?
[01:54] Trixar_za: Yeah - that's how I did that :P
[01:55] prplthum: I'd have to drag out my floppies
[01:56] prplthum: thats a pretty slick screenshot
[01:56] Trixar_za: It'll take about ~20MB of space though - depending on what you install
[01:57] Trixar_za: Yeah, I found a whole community of people running this on old 386 and 486 machines
[01:58] prplthum: Interesting. I tried to learn wfwg but it was a little before my time , on a toshiba satellite105 cs
[01:58] Trixar_za: They developed that Calmira XP in a old copy of Delphi - I'm using the 4.0 Beta because the 'official' one doesn't look s good.
[01:58] Trixar_za: so*
[01:59] prplthum: Calmira gives the mutitask to 3.11 ?
[02:00] prplthum: and the xp look
[02:01] Trixar_za: Well, it can run a few apps - I also used the base to make some 16bit games on the newer Windows versions (the non-ultimate Vista and 7 mostly)
[02:01] Trixar_za: Apparently Calmira can also enable long file names, but I could never get that to work.
[02:02] prplthum!~tux@pool-72-87-186-240.lsanca.btas.verizon.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :Good job : Good job !...
[02:03] prplthum: I think I messed with it once or twice but never had much luck.....Calmira
[02:04] prplthum: I am forgetting how to use windows anyway, though I do keep a copy or two loaded ....XP and 8.1
[02:04] Trixar_za: I dual boot Windows 7 Ultimate
[02:05] prplthum: with....?
[02:05] Trixar_za: Used to be XP, but several things are better in 7. Well, except Memory Usage - that's just insane.
[02:06] prplthum: I get a kick out of 8.1 but just for a few minutes a week or so
[02:06] Trixar_za: At the moment, Peppermint Linux 5 - but it's a little broken
[02:06] Trixar_za: I want to work on a SliTaz fork - but I kept breaking it :P
[02:06] Trixar_za: I mostly just keep it around for games
[02:06] prplthum: i have peppermint but never tried it ..I dont use social networking software so I figgered why bother
[02:07] prplthum: ever try connos ?
[02:07] prplthum: was an arch minimal
[02:08] Trixar_za: Actually, once of the reasons I moved to 7 was better game support for my crappy integrated chipset
[02:08] Trixar_za: http://trixarian.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=1
[02:08] Trixar_za: I even made my own modded driver :P
[02:10] prplthum: work well, the driver ?
[02:11] Trixar_za: I always had crappy systems, so I got into the habit of optimizing stuff and going as small and minimal as possible. Why I went for SliTaz actually.
[02:11] Trixar_za: Reasonably well compared to the standard driver
[02:11] prplthum: You computer literate folks always end up going for lean and mean...
[02:13] Trixar_za: I have a vanity sense, so I like something that's light and pretty :P
[02:14] prplthum: Thats great
[02:15] prplthum: I have like 8 puppy distros on n 8 gb stick....
[02:16] prplthum: puppy's cool
[02:17] Trixar_za: Yeah, but cluttered. It has several apps that does the same thing. I like the idea of having one app that does one thing well, but in practice it just leads to a cluttered system.
[02:17] Trixar_za: TinyCore is alright, but it's too minimalist for my tastes. And a little ugly >.>
[02:17] prplthum: yes , maybe so , but all that puppy clutter still fits in under 150 mb...most of the time....
[02:18] prplthum: I never got core up and running very well
[02:20] Trixar_za: Probably because it's designed to be frugal and not installed
[02:20] Trixar_za: It's great if you have a lots of RAM and little HD space though
[02:21] prplthum: I only frugal puppy yah...
[02:22] prplthum: slitaz feels more like a regular buntuesque type distro, fuller than it really is, which I like
[02:22] Trixar_za: It gives that impression, yeah. Still needs fixing in several areas though.
[02:23] prplthum: I have a hard time installing on a stick, this one is live but I manage to maintain browser bookmarks somehow
[02:23] Trixar_za: If I had the time and money to dedicate to it, then I could probably create a few remixes that fix those issues.
[02:23] prplthum: do you develop ?
[02:23] Trixar_za: Well, time isn't so much of a problem, but money is :P
[02:24] Trixar_za: I work on several projects as a hobby
[02:24] prplthum: slaitaz being one of them ?
[02:24] Trixar_za: If it's easy to do for free, then I tend to do it. But developing on a distro requires a lot of data and we pay through the nose for data in South Africa
[02:25] Trixar_za: Sometimes - I did a few packages a while back and updated some of the official packages
[02:25] Trixar_za: http://trixarian.net/SliTaz
[02:25] prplthum: that sucks, data will be free after the revolution, hehe
[02:29] Trixar_za: Should be easier once I get a constant cash flow coming in - then I can use a couple of gigs weekly :P
[09:11] necrophcodr: Is there a better place than the forum to post new package requests/receipts?
[09:12] Trixar_za: The mailing list?
[10:30] necrophcodr: I guess I'll have to give the mailing list a try then, thanks
[14:58] dlorah: hi
[14:59] dlorah: is there any package to get a slideshow as a wallpaper?
[23:36] tux_: g