#slitaz 2014-06-24

[18:53] tux_!~tux@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :hi all: hi all! Please, tell me, how to: Livecd _not_ copy to RAM?
[18:55] tux_: By default, when I boot from LiveCD, it copy self to RAM, and I lost around 180 MB RAM; how to easy avoid it? For example, Puppy have the "noram" boot parametre; in Slitaz it doesn't work....
[19:04] tux_: or, it is... impossible?
[21:55] banjo: ive problem with tazusb. set it up on desktop. now wanna load on thinkpad t400. the orig rootfs.gz works fine but the one with modifications not.
[21:56] banjo: everything good till slim. get graphic error with colorfull pixels nithing to see. every pixel in different color. didnt change anything in xorg configs
[21:57] banjo: cant change to ttyx(maybe yes, but screen doesnt changes)
[21:58] banjo: VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series
[22:00] banjo: ive tried when writefs with and without save save screen resolution. with vesa it load in 1152x864. its ok when 1440x900 is possible but i wanna use this stick on different laptops/computers
[22:01] banjo: maybe someone an idea
[22:16] banjo: ok with the orig rootfs its not perfect like i said. after boot i get i get or 3sec the same pixel pixture but the the screen displays everything fine
[23:32] banjo: its no flexing. ive only this problem with slitaz 4