#slitaz 2014-06-22

[10:30] necrophcodr!~necrophco@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :Hey everyone: Hey everyone! I posted a few messages in here yesterday, and I was wondering if anyone had the time to help me out.
[10:31] necrophcodr: I'm in need of some assistance considering I'll be needing my machine ready tomorrow, so if anyone could help me out, the issue is posted here: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/slitaz-50-rc2/page/6#post-31147
[11:39] kgp_: Hi, do you know how to install Slizaz on the Cubox-i ?
[11:39] kgp_: :)
[11:50] necrophcodr: kgp_: i don't think you actually can, considering the i.MX 6 series chipset uses ARM Cortex A9 which, as far as I can tell, is not supported by SliTaz
[18:16] Erkan_Yilmaz: Hi, can I find out if db-dev was built with the flag --enable-cxx ?
[18:16] Erkan_Yilmaz: I'm running into an error that the iostream.h is missing and perhaps that's the bug
[18:21] Erkan_Yilmaz: is on updated slitaz 5.0 rc2
[18:23] Trixar_za: By the looks of it, no
[18:24] Trixar_za: http://pkgs.slitaz.org/search.sh?receipt=db
[18:25] Erkan_Yilmaz: thx for replying, let me look. clicks
[18:28] Erkan_Yilmaz: 5.3.21 is not offered anymore (1) :-( , so I'll compile manually the newest with that flag on. (1) http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/database-technologies/berkeleydb/downloads/index-082944.html
[18:28] Trixar_za: If you're going to be compiling on SliTaz, you may want to install slitaz-toolchain - it comes with the majority of tools you'll probably need. Using gcc doesn't always work because of some compatibility issues between busybox commands and the coreutils ones required by gcc
[18:28] Erkan_Yilmaz: ACTION looks if he has slitaz-toolchain already
[18:31] Erkan_Yilmaz: yes, version 5.0 of slitaz-toolchain installed
[18:33] Trixar_za: There's also a meta package called slitaz-dev-pkgs. It just install the required *-dev to compile the basic graphical and command line tools required by slitaz.
[18:33] Erkan_Yilmaz: thx, let me check if I have that
[18:34] Erkan_Yilmaz: installing (was not installed yet), me prays
[18:36] Erkan_Yilmaz: if all works, hope to add a new package to slitaz
[18:36] Trixar_za: What are you trying to compile btw? Only things I can think of with a hard dependency on it is python and maybe perl - and a bunch of smaller applications.
[18:37] Erkan_Yilmaz: this: twister-core https://github.com/miguelfreitas/twister-core
[18:37] Erkan_Yilmaz: trying all since a few hours now (with finding/compiling dependencies)
[18:37] Erkan_Yilmaz: right now I am in the midst of the ./configure step
[18:39] Erkan_Yilmaz: it'd be much easier on a debian-based OS with checkinstall, but slitaz' small iso is tempting to get it to work there
[18:42] Trixar_za: True, but some things are harder to do than others
[18:43] Trixar_za: Also, by the looks of it, are you sure you installed all the libboost libraries?
[18:43] Erkan_Yilmaz: libboost, yes, the configure YES'd all of the needed ones
[18:44] Trixar_za: Then why isn't it finding iostream.h?
[18:44] Erkan_Yilmaz: (though, some -dev's I didn't install. in case slitaz-dev-pkgs won't work, I'll try to install those missing libboost*-dev)
[18:45] Trixar_za: Hmmm - maybe it's expecting something something to be in a location it shouldn't be
[18:45] Trixar_za: Like it usual is in Debian/Ubuntu
[18:45] Erkan_Yilmaz: perhaps, at least I have now 2 scenarios I can try
[18:46] Trixar_za: https://github.com/Trixarian/sakis3g-source <--- Ubuntu support can sometimes be painful :P
[19:08] Erkan_Yilmaz: same error with: slitaz-dev-pkgs, will try now all libboost-dev's
[19:17] Erkan_Yilmaz: still no success (with the boost-devs)
[19:18] Erkan_Yilmaz: 3rd option now: compile Db with --enable-cxx
[19:18] Erkan_Yilmaz: or another option ?
[19:42] dcosnet: Trixar_za: http://www.eoy.co.za/posts/south-africas-computer-whiz-1139/
[20:14] Erkan_Yilmaz: compiling db 6.0.30 with the flag now
[20:17] Erkan_Yilmaz: I wonder though, how the receipt http://pkgs.slitaz.org/search.sh?receipt=db can work
[20:17] Erkan_Yilmaz: oracle requires a login for download of the tar.gz
[20:17] Erkan_Yilmaz: ACTION has a profile and downloaded it
[20:33] Erkan_Yilmaz: stopped and will try a personal wok for db (for experience ;-))
[20:59] Erkan_Yilmaz: cook seems to work, it's in the configure step
[21:05] Erkan_Yilmaz: it#s not clear, but after "cook db" I'll have a package name something.tazpkg somewhere, right?
[21:05] Erkan_Yilmaz: at least I understood http://doc.slitaz.org/en:cookbook:wok that way
[21:05] Erkan_Yilmaz: "We do not carry out the 'make install'-style step ourselves; the built files are not to be installed in the system but left in the output directory ($DESTDIR), ready for packaging. "
[21:06] Erkan_Yilmaz: "ready for packaging" irritates me in that context
[21:08] Erkan_Yilmaz: I see now: the package will be in: /home/slitaz/packages
[21:58] Erkan_Yilmaz: hm, personal wok didnt work :-( on the rc2 iso I get an error while installing the .tazpkg
[21:59] Erkan_Yilmaz: "can't open /tmp/.../receipt"
[21:59] Erkan_Yilmaz: I wanted to see if I can install it on a fresh system
[22:00] Erkan_Yilmaz: oh, I think I can install it :-)
[22:00] Erkan_Yilmaz: cool