#slitaz 2014-06-21

[12:16] c4ph3x: Hey guys, this tiny distro is damn awesome.
[12:17] c4ph3x: Thanks for the cool work :)
[14:26] necrophcodr: Alright, so the rootkit issue ( http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/bingetsh-bootpro-and-family ), and I've come against a new issue
[14:27] necrophcodr: After whiping my system I of course decided to install SliTaz again. However, RC2 does NOT install without issues. In fact, neither RC2 nor rolling installs correctly at all.
[14:28] necrophcodr: When booting, the system seems to let out errors when starting, then dropping me to busybox
[14:28] necrophcodr: promptly after the [Linux-bzimage, setup=0xdata, size=0xmoredata], I am met with the following errors:
[14:28] necrophcodr: mount: can't read '/etc/fstab': No such file or directory
[14:28] necrophcodr: mkdir: can't create directory '/dev': File exists
[14:29] necrophcodr: And udhcpc (v1.22.1) complains about being unable to get a lease, whereafter I am dropped back to busybox shell.
[14:30] necrophcodr: I would like to note that I am attempting to install to a class 10 kingston microSD card of the SDHC standard.
[14:31] necrophcodr: I would also like to point out that this used to work in earlier rolling releases that I had been using, but however cannot continue using due to intrusion.