#slitaz 2014-06-20

[17:31] guest631: Hello, mirror.slitaz.org is down? Cannot install packages, HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
[17:59] Mindiell: hi there
[17:59] Mindiell: downloads are down on the website... :o/
[18:04] lewellyn: yup. :P
[18:08] Mindiell: is there something to do ? or I just have to wait ? :o)
[18:17] Mindiell!~Mindiell@euclide.mindiell.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :eh eh : eh eh ! I downloaded it before and I still have it somewhere :o)
[18:17] Mindiell: I love such a good news :o)
[18:29] kgp: kimsufi.
[19:04] Trixar_za: ACTION just shakes head
[19:04] Trixar_za: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/please-read-this-before-posting#post-24220
[19:08] guest631: Trixar_za, thanks. But why isn't this new mirror the default one in slitaz 5.0 RC2? I'm getting the error there.
[19:09] Trixar_za: There's several mirrors. Sometimes some of them go down for some reason, so you'll have to use a different one for a while.