#slitaz 2014-06-13

[06:25] Old-ass-viao: Can someone pint
[06:26] Old-ass-viao: *point* me in the right direction of how to get my 5.0 networked so I can instal to the HD?
[06:27] Old-ass-viao: Been a while since I played with linux, doing up an old viao n250n - slitaz instal seems to want network access and I cannot seem to make that happen
[06:30] Old-ass-viao: Almost any action towards installation seems to generate a web browser page that demands a user I'd and password (that I read is tux/tux)
[06:41] old-ass_viao: Cnet says its got a Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG if that helps (previous session timed out on my ipad)