#slitaz 2014-06-11

[15:53] LimEJET: Yo, I'm trying to install SliTaz Pi from a computer with GPT disks in it, and FDISK seems to hate that. When I boot th Pi, it seems to start without root privileges, so I get a load of spam about how it can't open any tty's. Is there an easy fix for this?
[15:58] LimEJET: If it matters, it's a rev. 2 Pi and a SanDisk 4GB class 4 SDHC card
[16:11] Trixar_za: GPT?
[16:13] LimEJET: Yeah, it's an UEFI laptop so the disks need to use GPT
[16:13] LimEJET: It shouldn't matter to the installation, but I get errors from fdisk during it
[16:14] LimEJET: so I figured it was worth mentioning
[16:14] Trixar_za: What did you format the sandisk card as?
[16:16] LimEJET: Three partitions: one Fat32, 40MB, label root, one swap, 420MB, one ext4, rest of the card, label root
[16:16] LimEJET: boot*
[16:16] LimEJET: on the first one
[16:17] Trixar_za: You don't really need the Fat32 one and I'll suggest ext2 over ext4 otherwise journalling will wear out your card prematurely
[16:17] LimEJET: really? no boot partition?
[16:17] LimEJET: wll the install script still work?
[16:17] Trixar_za: Just use grub on the ext partition
[16:18] LimEJET: hm
[16:27] LimEJET: Trixar_za: So how would i do that?
[16:29] LimEJET: Actually, loking through the Slitaz Pi instalation instructions, it seems that the boot/ directory NEEDS to be on a FAT32 partition. Surely the boot partition is needed then?
[16:57] LimEJET: Okay, so to go back to the original issue: Why is the Pi spamming "Can't open /dev/tty1: Permission denied" when booting?
[21:18] powwwrt: hey
[21:18] powwwrt: guys
[21:18] powwwrt: slitaz
[21:18] powwwrt: what can I say
[21:18] powwwrt: awesome work on the RC2
[21:19] powwwrt: seriously
[21:19] powwwrt: so slick
[21:19] powwwrt: so professional
[21:19] powwwrt: I love it
[21:19] powwwrt: you guys
[21:19] powwwrt: are great