#slitaz 2014-06-06

[08:59] tux_: yolo
[13:51] dlorh: hi
[13:51] dlorh: is there a way to use an rt61 wireless card on slitaz?
[14:53] banjo: dlorh: maybe a module from firmware-rt2x00 could work....rt73 is supported
[15:00] banjo: if not look at http://doc.slitaz.org/en:guides:wifi-easy
[15:00] banjo: what i know u have to find the module and copy it in /usr/lib/
[15:01] banjo: sorry /lib/firmware
[15:01] banjo: here the hard way http://doc.slitaz.org/en:guides:wifi-hard :)
[15:04] banjo: but it schould be in the firmware rt2x00
[15:04] banjo: http://rt2x00.serialmonkey.com/wiki/index.php/Hardware
[15:04] banjo: archwiki says its in the nonfree kernel since 2.6.xx
[15:09] dlorh: it is not builted-in the slitaz iso?
[15:10] dlorh: (thanks for answer btw :) )
[15:13] banjo: u need the rt2x00 firmware, cause its non-free
[15:14] banjo: then u can burn your own slitaz live cd with this driver
[15:15] banjo: so no more need for cable;)
[15:19] dlorh: it's on an old computer which doesn't have a network card
[15:19] dlorh: so i put a wireless in it
[15:19] dlorh: (laptop)
[15:19] dlorh: (by the way, is there a way to enable the iphone on slitaz?)
[15:25] banjo: are u using live or is it installed on the laptop? if installed, u can install the firmware localy when u download it with an other pc and exchange it with usb or disk
[15:26] banjo: what do you mean with enable iphone on slitaz?
[15:26] dlorh: to use the usb wire to get the internet connection
[15:26] dlorh: (live, no hard drive)
[15:27] dlorh: i can install, but do the same each tome.. script)
[15:27] dlorh: *time
[15:42] banjo: i think u can use your phone as modem, but dont know how.
[15:44] banjo: install the rt2x00 firmware in live session an then make an live iso image then burn it. then u have on the live cd the firmware included
[15:44] banjo: but configure it before burning. this way u can add other needed programs too
[15:46] banjo: or make an live usb. if your laptop doesnt support bootin from usb look here http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/index.html
[16:10] nad: hi
[16:10] nad: instel
[16:44] tux_: thanks
[18:30] GoodGuy: Hmmmm I don't see a TazBot running
[18:30] GoodGuy: help
[18:31] GoodGuy: TazBot: help
[18:32] GoodGuy: bbl
[23:42] Niebieski: Hello
[23:42] Niebieski: I have a problem and I'm looking for help.
[23:45] Niebieski: I messed up and now I can't boot back to windows. xD
[23:45] Niebieski: BOOTMGR missing error. xD