#slitaz 2014-04-25

[06:41] solus!~solus@amg211.mgn.ru PRIVMSG #slitaz :привет : привет !
[06:41] solus: есть кто живой ?
[19:24] SlowNStupid: hey, can anyone help me with slitaz booting from usb?
[19:24] SlowNStupid: the problem is that when i try to boot on usb, it boots and all I see the menu options (boot live etc...)
[19:25] SlowNStupid: when I select the first option which is something like boot live, i get language setup (selected en-us) then i get keyboard layout (selected us/fi (tried both)) and it gets stuck
[19:25] SlowNStupid: there is "-" on the top left corner of the screen but slitaz isnt booted...
[19:26] SlowNStupid: but when i boot from the same usb and select "language" option on the boot menu, and select en-us, it will boot to slitaz fine.. without any kind of problem
[19:26] SlowNStupid: able to connect to the internet and file managers etc...
[19:26] SlowNStupid: any idea what is the problem?
[19:32] SlowNStupid: just to add, this computer doesnt have internet access...