#slitaz 2014-04-20

[16:25] LimEJET: Hi, I'm trying to install Cooking to a USB stick with UnetBootin on Windows, and I'm failing. I can't boot from the stick. I can't seem to find any guides on this in the docs, it only briefly mentions LiveUSB's and then goes on to talk about CD's
[16:25] LimEJET: What do?
[17:26] migario: LimEJET: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNetbootin
[17:26] migario: Other operating systems can be loaded via pre-downloaded ISO image or floppy/hard drive disk image files.
[17:28] migario: http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unetbootin/wiki/guide
[17:31] migario: and to be more precise about bootable usb - http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/unetbootin/wiki/installmodes
[17:33] migario: if you've done that right and are still unabelto boot from usb, see your bootoptions in bios / bios startup menu
[17:34] migario: for instance on my machine i have to manually select if i want to boot from usb pendrive using my bios' bootmenu
[17:38] migario: if you are on windows, be aware *not* to select wrong partition thought. it could render your windows partition unbootable...
[17:52] LimEJET: migario: Thatnks, but that doesn't really help me. I've installed other distros to this USB drive before, with and without UNetBootIn, and they've all booted fine on this PC. SliTaz doesn't.
[17:55] migario: if it's installed as .iso with loopback then it shoud work as long as the pendrive is bootable
[17:56] migario: mom, i though there was a alitaz page on that somewhere....
[17:56] migario: *slitaz
[17:58] migario: dunno if it's still valid:
[17:58] migario: Download and run tazusb.exe and follow the onscreen instructions to create a bootable SliTaz USB Flash Drive (or alternately you can use our Universal USB Installer).
[17:59] migario: ow wait you are correct
[17:59] migario: here it says do not work with cooking
[17:59] migario: http://doc.slitaz.org/en:guides:liveusb
[18:00] migario: lemme know if what's written there helps