#slitaz 2014-04-12

[13:29] hellstrum: TazBot: help
[13:29] TazBot: I can answer any question directed at me (by putting "TazBot:" before the question) that falls within my answers database (use "TazBot: topics" to see them). I can also answer questions containing topics ("TazBot: How do I become root?"). You can also ask me questions in private: "/msg TazBot topics".
[13:31] hellstrum: [A
[13:31] hellstrum: [B[A[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C[C
[16:16] m14ed: wb
[16:17] m14ed!~tux@c-174-62-200-249.hsd1.ma.comcast.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :godane : godane !
[20:58] migario: is there some special config needed in order to get swat up'n'running. configuring it as is described on samba.org did not do the trick for me, and i seem to be unable to find similar problem/answer
[21:43] migario: ah, bite me. why didn't anyone tell me inetd was not running :/