#slitaz 2014-04-05

[15:01] bob_one: plop
[15:06] bob_one: bye
[21:36] devl547: Hi, guys (if anybody is really online)
[21:57] Trixar_za: Hi devl547
[22:11] devl547: Returned to SliTaz usage after a long break :3
[22:11] Trixar_za: I'm on Peppermint Linux at the moment myself
[22:12] Trixar_za: Mostly for other projects I have running (sakis3g-source)
[22:13] devl547: nice) I'm still using gentoo on my main pc and arm-based home server, but decided to switch to slitaz on my laptop.
[22:15] Trixar_za: SliTaz needs a few fixes before I switch back to it
[22:15] Trixar_za: I sense that we have to do it ourselves though
[22:15] Trixar_za: If I can get the buildroot conversions going, then it should be easy enough to do
[23:12] devl547: Trixar_za, what fixes are you talking about?
[23:13] Trixar_za: Mostly X.org and Linux Kernel fixes
[23:14] Trixar_za: The rest runs fine
[23:14] devl547: Well, Xorg runs fine on my PC. Even have a new libdrm and mesa versions in my local repo.
[23:15] Trixar_za: Not with my intel based board
[23:15] devl547: As for kernel... We need to have a huge version bump)
[23:15] Trixar_za: Don't I know that
[23:15] devl547: "intel"
[23:16] Trixar_za: Btw you want access to my server?
[23:16] devl547: nope :3
[23:16] Trixar_za: I barely use it, so you can probably do more good with it
[23:16] Trixar_za: lol
[23:17] Trixar_za: It's a linode box
[23:17] devl547: Sold my 8-core opteron server last month. Had no use for it. All my stuff is currently running good on quadcore ARM board)
[23:19] devl547: I'm pretty sure, we can fix kernel and xorg after 5.0 release. Dont know, actually, when it's gonna be.
[23:21] Trixar_za: I still think it's with the help of buildroot
[23:21] devl547: dont know how buildroot can be connected with this
[23:22] Trixar_za: The finished compiled buildroot package is similar to our current packages structure anyway
[23:22] Trixar_za: You just really have to generate the receipt and move the files to the right place (fs folder)