#slitaz 2014-03-19

[01:26] newguise1234: Trixar_za: it didn't feel like a recommended action lol, is there somewhere to put this type of related information?
[01:27] newguise1234: Trixar_za: essentially it comes down to, I have a list of required packages to make it, with those installed its a simple download and make, and the majority of the space the build environment takes up can be removed after that
[01:28] newguise1234: it runs and everything, when converting the .deb, it requires some libraries that I tried installing, but I ended up failing on that path.
[01:30] newguise1234: essentially if someone has interest in this, I'd rather they not have to spend a half a day trying to get everything they need, this way they can just spend the couple hours compiling
[01:30] newguise1234: but it works lol
[01:48] newguise1234: and thanks for taking a look, I think its pretty cool, the safety of types and such with the ability to put things in tight loops
[05:19] UserError: Does slitaz have a list of all ARM exclusive modules/firmware/etc in the kernel that end up in x86 sometimes like dwc3-omap.ko , exynos-rng.ko , phy-exynos-mipi-video.ko , etc
[08:50] newguise1234: which coreutils package do I need to install for the full ln?
[11:00] newguise1234: has anyone built media_build for the uvcvideo.ko ?
[16:41] tux-work: ACTION waves
[16:42] tux-work: ACTION pokes Trixar_za :)
[21:50] airC: bonjour
[21:51] airC: je cherche depuis une petite semaine à installer slitaz
[21:51] airC: je suis sous linux mint
[21:51] airC: bref.
[21:51] airC: slitaz sur multisystem
[21:51] airC: en liveusb
[21:52] airC: lors du démarrage, la machine se lance correctement, me demande en fenetre graphique le clavier et la langue
[21:52] airC: puis plus rien
[21:52] airC: la fenetre se ferme
[21:52] airC: je ne sais pas quoi faire devant un écran noir
[21:52] airC: help