#slitaz 2014-03-18

[00:04] newguise1234_: despite all that, anyone who has worked on slitaz, thank you very much, so far I'm enjoying it and I hope to stick with it for some time.
[00:04] newguise1234_: *s/despite all that/on another note/
[20:48] Trixar_za: [newguise1234_] on another note, is it possible to run git/make from within a tazpkg script? <--- Yes - but I wouldn't recommend it.
[20:51] Trixar_za: Not a bad language actually
[20:52] Trixar_za: From what I just learned from readying it's syntax
[20:52] Trixar_za: reading*
[23:09] dcosnet: trying to trade my pc for a bmw
[23:09] dcosnet: so far they only want cash :-/