#slitaz 2014-03-08

[02:14] Manuel: Hello.
[02:14] Manuel: I need help for install NV5 [RIVA TNT2/TNT2 Pro] Driver
[02:15] Manuel: ??????
[02:15] Manuel: ????????
[02:15] Manuel: ?????????
[02:15] Manuel: ????????
[12:37] lewellyn: hopefully an easy question for you guys. :) why does cooking provide hv_utils and hv_vmbus but not hv_netvsc nor hv_storvsc?
[12:38] lewellyn: hv_storvsc isn't really a biggie, but hv_netvsc means that hyper-v (client and server, both) VMs need to add a Legacy (i.e. tulip) NIC to the VM for SliTaz to be able to hit the net.
[12:38] lewellyn: and, needless to say, the virtual nic provides much better performance than an emulated old 100mbit tulip. ;)
[13:46] lewellyn: also, if i use the "legacy" nic with slitaz, boot hangs at "Configuring loopback..." :(
[13:51] Trixar_za: Make a forum topic about it - one of the devs will probably pick up on it and add the required files
[14:17] lewellyn: i'm actually now concerned about the legacy tulip nic keeping the vm from finishing its boot
[14:17] lewellyn: i want to poke at that a bit before posting.
[14:18] lewellyn: it's a faithful emulation, and tulips are still quite common in people's collections of cards. so that's a bit distressing