#slitaz 2014-02-24

[17:18] sixy-work: Arcanum_za (trixarian@2400:8900::f03c:91ff:fe69:e40f) has joined #slitaz
[17:18] sixy-work: what what what
[17:47] tux__: is there anyone ?
[17:47] tux__: lol
[17:48] tux__: lol
[17:48] tux__: is there anyone ?
[19:06] sixy-work: why do i always miss the super needy
[20:23] PsynoKhi1: hey
[20:31] PsynoKhi1: I might be late but: have you guys heard of OroCRM?
[20:38] sixy-work: dcosnet parts are here
[20:38] sixy-work: not heard of orocrm
[20:39] PsynoKhi1: they have a demo VM based on SliTaz heh
[20:47] dcosnet: sixy-work: cool