#slitaz 2014-02-18

[02:07] slitaz: ACTION waves
[03:03] mrtux: is the new slitaz cooking worth trying?
[03:03] mrtux: like anything new other than newer kernel etc
[03:16] allenyk: hello, fcitx just doesnt work after i installed a word processor. problem still exits after i restart and reinstall it. can anyone help?
[05:25] sixy-home: Trixar_za you here
[05:25] Trixar_za: Partially, why?
[05:34] sixy-home: oh hai
[05:34] sixy-home: well i had a question on gpxe booting and slitaz web boot i have never done it
[05:34] sixy-home: but it seems i gathered all the infromation ;)
[05:34] sixy-home: although i was wondering if its ever possible for you to make
[05:34] sixy-home: if tazbot can direct posts to our chat here
[05:35] sixy-home: relay us a topic message to chat
[05:35] sixy-home: how hard is that
[05:39] Trixar_za: Oo
[05:39] Trixar_za: Well, pankso's TazIRC-lb does logging for us
[05:40] Trixar_za: Not that the site is online :/
[05:40] Trixar_za: Oh wait, it is
[05:40] Trixar_za: http://irc.slitaz.org/
[05:41] sixy-home: it is online yeah
[05:41] sixy-home: always has been
[05:41] sixy-home: does logging ye ;)
[05:41] sixy-home: but would be nice for chatters to be notified when we get a post
[05:41] sixy-home: would really be nice
[05:43] Trixar_za: Oh, you want something that can relay the forum feed, right?
[05:43] sixy-home: yeah
[05:43] sixy-home: to here
[05:43] sixy-home: that be super nice
[05:48] Trixar_za: They'll need to add a plugin to generate an rss feed or something
[05:49] Trixar_za: If we can get that to work, I'll setup a quick python bot to grab it
[05:49] sixy-home!~sixy-home@67-5-253-125.ptld.qwest.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :nice!: nice!!
[05:49] sixy-home: and be sure to add it to trixarian land
[05:49] sixy-home: do like few of the things youve got on your page
[05:55] Trixar_za: I have a bunch of stuff that's not even on any of my pages
[05:55] Trixar_za: Sorry if I'm in and out - I'm refreshing my bartending knowledge
[05:57] sixy-home: nice
[05:57] sixy-home: yeah man add them....
[05:57] sixy-home: the stuff youve got on there is awesome
[14:21] tux_: hi
[14:21] tux_: qny body here
[14:21] tux_: i q, nez to linux
[14:41] Skeptic: hi
[14:41] Skeptic: how can i install slitaz on vm vae?
[14:41] Skeptic: vare*
[14:42] Skeptic: TazIRC-lb: help
[14:42] Skeptic: TazIRC-lb: wow
[17:04] sixy-work: lol
[17:04] sixy-work: kmon pplz
[17:04] sixy-work: stick around channel a bit longer fuck
[17:04] sixy-work: lol
[17:05] sixy-work: and screw vmware go vbox :)