#slitaz 2014-02-17

[00:48] cooking20140216: hmph
[00:48] cooking20140216: well ;)
[03:28] sixy-home--: slitaz coooking works in vbox
[04:08] yangkun: hello, why i cant use the command "dpkg -i *.deb" on Slitaz since it is in the command list ?
[04:14] sixy-home: um?
[04:15] sixy-home: and you are trying to run this on slitaz?
[04:15] sixy-home: sorry... u answered that
[04:15] sixy-home: you must convert .deb into .tazpkg prior to install
[04:15] sixy-home: 'tazpkg convert *.deb'
[04:15] sixy-home: 'tazpkg install *.tazpkg'
[04:17] yangkun: thanks, i do know tazpkg can convert deb. just curious why i cant use "dpkg" directly
[04:17] yangkun: it is involved in slitaz
[04:17] sixy-home: not sure about dpkg never used it on slitaz
[04:18] yangkun: that's ok, thank you for your reply.
[05:26] yangkun: /part
[05:49] sixy-home: ACTION pokes Trixar_za 
[11:59] tux_: is it possible to install skype to slitaz anf how
[12:05] tux_: anyone_
[14:28] auracalanche: I need some help w gnu/linux, can you??
[14:41] tkx: hello guys, sorry for not digging up too much open bugs, forums etc but i have this quite weird problem.. neither slitaz 4 nor newest cooking will boot on my laptop althourgh they do work on other computers i have.. after starting to boot laptop simply turns off.. doesn't hang or anything but just power off. any idea? fs amilo pro v2040, about 1.66GHz P4 M, 1GB DDR2
[14:55] dlorh: strange problem..
[14:55] dlorh: and.. did you try to watch for wchich step slitaz stop to shutdown?
[14:57] tkx: it goes pretty fast but it doesn't look like normal booting procedure
[14:57] tkx: probably has something to do with hardware..
[18:09] sixy-work: ACTION pokes Trixar_za
[18:09] sixy-work: Trixar_za why are we 10mb bigger
[19:29] tux_: TazBot:help
[19:29] TazBot: I can answer any question directed at me (by putting "TazBot:" before the question) that falls within my answers database (use "TazBot: topics" to see them). I can also answer questions containing topics ("TazBot: How do I become root?"). You can also ask me questions in private: "/msg TazBot topics".
[19:32] sixy-work: i thought you got rid of this tazbot before the question thing
[20:21] Trixar_za: More stuff equals bigger iso sizes
[20:21] Trixar_za: Also that one library to support pdf files grows every year
[20:23] sixy-work: I SEE
[20:23] sixy-work: i see*
[20:23] sixy-work: so we switched to spacefm?
[20:24] Trixar_za: Easiest way to get away from the bloat that LXDE has become
[20:25] sixy-work: hmph
[20:26] sixy-work: im gonna submit a bug with this
[20:26] sixy-work: rtl8187
[20:26] sixy-work: i had to install firmware
[20:26] sixy-work: usbutils and dependencies
[20:26] sixy-work: to get it running
[20:28] Trixar_za: Oh right, they upped the usbutils to officially be version 2.0, didn't they?
[20:28] Trixar_za: Which reminds me - I need to up the version requirements for Sakis3G
[20:30] sixy-work: yeah
[20:30] sixy-work: hmm wait i need to check on that
[20:30] sixy-work: but something is wrong with it
[20:30] sixy-work: along with the rtl8187
[20:30] sixy-work: also
[20:30] sixy-work: tazhw detected-modules
[20:31] sixy-work: does not show the rtl8187 moule loaded
[20:31] sixy-work: which is supposed to show all pci/usb modules loaded if im correct
[20:31] Trixar_za: usb_modeswitch finally moved away from legacy usbutils, so it needs the newer version to run.
[20:31] sixy-work: k
[20:31] Trixar_za: This means I'll have to break away version wise for SliTaz 5
[20:31] sixy-work: so looks like there is error with tazhw detected-modules some where there too
[20:31] Trixar_za: So SliTaz 4 will be the old one and development will continue with SliTaz 5 and newer Linuxes
[20:31] sixy-work: i wont be able t otest that again untill i get home...
[20:32] sixy-work: nice
[20:32] sixy-work: so tazhw not showing
[20:32] sixy-work: loaded modules
[20:32] sixy-work: because of older version of usbutils?
[20:32] sixy-work: btw the version now is like 1.3. i think
[20:32] sixy-work: let me see
[20:33] Trixar_za: Why do I have an OKCupid registration?
[20:34] Trixar_za: I'm still not a fan of spacefm
[20:34] sixy-work: okcupid?
[20:34] sixy-work: u shouldnt have that
[20:34] sixy-work: i thought you liked spacefm..
[20:34] Trixar_za: I would have gone full RazorQt (because it has pcmanfmqt) or XFCE
[20:35] sixy-work: usbutils-007.tazpkg
[20:35] sixy-work: i have no clue what version usbutils is then...
[20:35] sixy-work: infact i should see
[20:35] sixy-work: if usbutils is even instaleld with this cooking....
[20:35] Trixar_za: It's not. It uses busybox's usb stuff
[20:36] sixy-work: nope
[20:36] sixy-work: not installed
[20:39] sixy-work: usbutils nowhere to be found on cooking
[20:39] Trixar_za: Don't worry about it - it's only important for compiling utils that need it (like usb_modeswitch)
[20:39] Trixar_za: :P
[20:40] sixy-work: hmph
[20:40] sixy-work: i thought u needed usbutils
[20:40] sixy-work: oh ya
[20:40] sixy-work: you are right ok
[20:40] sixy-work: never had usbutils before either had to install it
[20:40] sixy-work: my headphones
[20:40] sixy-work: needed that to work
[20:41] sixy-work: g930 logitech
[20:41] sixy-work: ok u r right
[20:41] sixy-work: but
[20:41] sixy-work: how do you explain my rtl8187 not working then
[20:41] sixy-work: firmware must not be in place
[20:41] sixy-work: lsmod shows current loaded modules ?
[20:42] Trixar_za: Yeah, but it can get pretty long
[20:42] Trixar_za: use it with a | grep
[20:42] sixy-work: pretty bad using grep
[20:43] sixy-work: current lsmod pretty short
[20:43] sixy-work: cooking in vbox
[20:46] sixy-work: i see 0 modules for wifi
[20:46] sixy-work: in my packages @.@
[20:52] sixy-work: ya ill have to test at home with adapter in
[20:52] sixy-work: ..
[21:09] dupin: how can i install skype in slitaz?
[21:09] Trixar_za: TazBot: skype
[21:09] TazBot: Trixar_za: Skype is a chat and VOIP client. You install it by first installing the get-skype package and allowing it to download it's dependencies. If it doesn't automatically start downloading these files, you need to run get-skype as root from your terminal. See: Become Root
[21:10] dupin: will try
[21:15] dupin: good and bad in same time
[21:15] dupin: I installed it but i can not run it :(
[21:16] dupin: when I click on icon it doesn´t start app
[21:17] Trixar_za: What happens when you run it from the command line?
[21:17] sixy-work: hmph
[21:19] sixy-work: gonna try this
[21:19] sixy-work: fetching skype..
[21:20] sixy-work: dupin, what verison slitaz? cooking ? 4.0 ?
[21:21] sixy-work: Trixar_za, how do i see what modules are available for me to load ?
[21:22] dupin: just a sec it is slitaz 5.0 cooking
[21:23] sixy-work: k
[21:23] sixy-work: first off
[21:23] sixy-work: usbutils-007.tazpkg
[21:23] sixy-work: wasnt
[21:23] sixy-work: sorry not that
[21:23] sixy-work: unable to fetch dependencie
[21:23] sixy-work: get-libQTwebkit
[21:24] sixy-work: also
[21:24] sixy-work: libQTbus
[21:24] sixy-work: both
[21:24] sixy-work: fail to fetch
[21:24] dupin: skype: error while loading shared libraries: libQtDBus.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[21:24] sixy-work: during install
[21:24] sixy-work: yap...
[21:24] sixy-work: download
[21:24] Trixar_za: So install them manually - osmebody should also fix that receipt
[21:24] Trixar_za: :P
[21:24] sixy-work: yap
[21:24] sixy-work: ill submit bug tracker
[21:24] sixy-work: ... right now
[21:25] dupin: so I need to install libQTbus
[21:25] dupin: do I have to reinstall skype after that
[21:26] sixy-work: no
[21:26] sixy-work: libqtbus
[21:26] sixy-work: and
[21:26] sixy-work: libqtwebkit
[21:26] sixy-work: both mate
[21:26] sixy-work: http://bugs.slitaz.org/
[21:26] sixy-work: broken
[21:26] sixy-work: can confirm? trixies
[21:34] dupin: libgstapp is missin now :(
[21:35] Trixar_za: Again? Oo
[21:35] Trixar_za: Dammit - it is broken
[21:36] Trixar_za: Ironically, it's where you'd report that it was broken too
[21:37] dupin: I can not find that package why is that
[21:49] sixy-work: hmph
[21:49] sixy-work: that i couldnt now tell u
[21:49] sixy-work: make sure spelling ?
[21:49] sixy-work: i did not say it needed that ..
[21:49] sixy-work: testing..
[21:49] sixy-work: ok so bugs broken...
[21:49] sixy-work: lame
[21:49] sixy-work: shit is braking too much on the site
[21:49] sixy-work: i dont get it
[21:51] dupin: spelling is ok
[21:52] dupin: look this is a strory about slitaz
[21:53] dupin: one old laptop need to work and skype one of main thing on that laptop
[21:54] dupin: i would like t oinstall slitaz but if skype doesn´t work there is no point
[21:55] Trixar_za: Spare me the rant
[21:55] Trixar_za: Try Puppy and be happy
[21:55] sixy-work: dupin
[21:55] sixy-work: you are running cooking
[21:55] sixy-work: what do you expect? why dont you try slitaz 4.0
[21:55] sixy-work: everything should just about work...
[21:56] sixy-work: do you know what cooking means?
[21:56] sixy-work: means hella broken
[21:56] sixy-work: lol
[21:56] sixy-work: but that package
[21:56] sixy-work: doesnt exist
[21:56] sixy-work: i have to download other stuff to
[21:56] sixy-work: duplicate your issue..
[21:57] dupin: I think this cooking is better then previous version but I know what cooking mean
[21:58] Trixar_za: Actually, it's broken in stable too
[21:58] sixy-work: ? how
[21:58] Trixar_za: But that's because Skype keeps upping it's requirements
[21:58] sixy-work: is it broken in stable
[21:58] sixy-work: m yskype ran just fine
[21:58] Trixar_za: Yeah, the older one. The newest one doesn't
[21:59] sixy-work: yeah older
[21:59] dupin: Trixar_za: if I wanted Puppy I will install it
[21:59] sixy-work: fuck puppy
[21:59] Trixar_za: Point is, if you want Skype, you have to wait until we update the requirements and downloader script
[21:59] dupin: do I have to defend myself if I want slitaz to work
[21:59] sixy-work: hmph
[22:00] Trixar_za: The more packages we have, the more effort we have to put in to stay on top of all of them
[22:00] sixy-work: yap hella broken
[22:00] Trixar_za: And honestly, we're kind of falling behind on that front
[22:00] dupin: Trixar_za I can understand that but can you give me some kind of time frame
[22:01] Trixar_za: Puppy should have atleast a working copy of Skype based on the older version
[22:01] Trixar_za: dupin, probably a month or two after version 5's release
[22:01] Trixar_za: Which will hopefully be by March/April this year
[22:02] dupin: Trixar_za: tnx for your time and advice and same to others who helped me ;)
[22:02] dupin: I wish you lot of good coding
[22:02] dupin: bye
[22:03] sixy-work: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=lucid&arch=i386&mode=exactfilename&searchon=contents&keywords=libgstapp-0.10.so.0&sort_by=pkg
[22:03] sixy-work: scrub left
[22:03] sixy-work: no fix for him
[22:04] Trixar_za: Eh, he'll be back
[22:04] Trixar_za: At the moment they're working on OS important dependencies
[22:05] Trixar_za: Which is why I said that Skype and everything else will only get worked on after all that is fixed
[22:05] Trixar_za: That's what happened last time anyway
[22:08] sixy-work: wow i got an error converting this deb
[22:08] sixy-work: sed: bad option in subtitution expresion
[22:08] sixy-work: wtf
[22:09] sixy-work: maybe this next one will work
[22:09] Trixar_za: They probably changed sed's syntax
[22:09] sixy-work: my skype
[22:09] sixy-work: bug didnt go thorugh
[22:09] sixy-work: bug tracker...
[22:09] sixy-work: i mean bug reporter
[22:10] Trixar_za: You also have to specify at compile time how compatible you really want syntax for it's tools to be
[22:10] Trixar_za: It's a pain
[22:10] Trixar_za: And it's sad that I know that now
[22:10] sixy-work: this might convert
[22:10] sixy-work: its i386 rpm
[22:10] sixy-work: o i see
[22:11] sixy-work: i dont like how there is not much of output
[22:11] sixy-work: during tazpkg convert
[22:11] sixy-work: it just goes to next line blenk
[22:11] sixy-work: blank
[22:11] sixy-work: taking forever..
[22:11] sixy-work: how do i know its not stuck now
[22:11] Trixar_za: The bigger the package, the longer it takes
[22:12] Trixar_za: Well, the size of the package and it's requirement list
[22:12] Trixar_za: Some small packages can take for ever since they have like 100+ requirements
[22:27] sixy-work: its done
[22:27] sixy-work: u are right
[22:27] sixy-work: im attempt to install it now
[22:27] sixy-work: 13 dependancies
[22:27] sixy-work: missing
[22:27] sixy-work: lol
[22:27] sixy-work: fethching 1 by 1 ...
[22:27] sixy-work: new slitaz lok is awesome
[22:28] sixy-work: and the new bar up top
[22:28] sixy-work: perl python
[22:28] sixy-work: wow
[22:28] sixy-work: so much need to install for this
[22:28] sixy-work: something is not right
[22:28] sixy-work: perl now
[22:29] Trixar_za: Oh right, that requirement is to provide scripting language interfaces for programs that is built with it
[22:32] sixy-work: now python
[22:32] sixy-work: lol
[22:33] sixy-work: it keeps going on and on
[22:33] sixy-work: na actually nt so bad
[22:33] sixy-work: its on python now
[22:33] sixy-work: that scrub left
[22:33] sixy-work: and this might just fix skype on slitaz...
[22:34] sixy-work: but
[22:34] sixy-work: there just too much tied to this
[22:34] sixy-work: either something is wrong
[22:34] sixy-work: wich almost it is
[22:34] sixy-work: size went up
[22:34] sixy-work: and its missing more
[22:34] sixy-work: according to skype install @.@
[22:34] sixy-work: for all i know at this point its installing all packages in repo lol
[22:35] sixy-work: well its done
[22:35] sixy-work: .. time to find out
[22:35] sixy-work: and ...
[22:35] sixy-work: SKYPE WORKS
[22:40] sixy-work: k
[22:41] sixy-work: skype issue worked
[23:16] sixy-work: logged into skype..
[23:16] sixy-work: works good
[23:16] sixy-work: i cant see mto move the chat box
[23:16] sixy-work: eww
[23:17] sixy-work: ya
[23:17] sixy-work: thats bad bug