#slitaz 2014-02-16

[21:55] sixy-home: ACTION waves
[21:58] sixy-home: Trixar_za,
[21:59] sixy-home: if you are around id like to ask you something
[21:59] sixy-home: Trixar_za would be perfect for this taks
[21:59] sixy-home: task*
[22:19] sixy-home: http://forum.slitaz.org/topic/slitaz-cooking-20140216#post-27935
[22:19] sixy-home!~slitaz@67-5-253-125.ptld.qwest.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :New Cooking : New Cooking !
[22:19] sixy-home: http://mirror.slitaz.org/iso/cooking/slitaz-cooking.iso
[22:20] jawor: hi
[22:21] sixy-home: Hi
[22:21] sixy-home: Gosh why cooking so much bigger
[22:22] jawor: how much bigger?
[22:22] sixy-home: 40.9mb
[22:22] sixy-home: 10mb
[22:22] jawor: not so much :)
[22:22] sixy-home: i dont see it goign down
[22:23] sixy-home: mm well no you are right not very much
[22:23] sixy-home: however cant get carried away ;)
[22:23] sixy-home: k
[22:23] sixy-home: time to reload into slitaz cooking
[22:23] sixy-home: brb
[22:38] slitaz: hmph
[22:38] slitaz: some good news and bad news
[22:38] slitaz: good news is better than bad news ;d
[22:38] slitaz: cooking for first time ever booted on my m4n68
[22:39] slitaz!~slitaz@67-5-253-125.ptld.qwest.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :runs smooth!!: runs smooth!!!
[22:39] slitaz: but... it does detect my rtl8187
[22:39] slitaz: but wifi networking seems to be broken
[22:39] slitaz: module seems to be loaded
[22:39] slitaz: but i cant get any effect out of it
[22:43] Ult-Tan: Hey, do any of you know what language Slitaz is programmed with?
[22:45] Ult-Tan: Hey Exio- thats my old character's name. How'ed you get it? :P
[22:46] Ult-Tan: Was it like C, Or C++, or Ruby?
[22:47] Ult-Tan: - It was fortran.. wasnt it?
[22:47] sixy-home: I could not answer that Ult-Tan
[22:47] Ult-Tan: Ah. Maybe some other time. I gtg
[22:47] sixy-home: you gota understand a lot of it is not put together just by us
[22:47] sixy-home: well i mean coded
[22:47] sixy-home: ok bye bye
[22:49] sixy-home: hmph
[22:49] sixy-home: perhaps something is not right with usbutils
[22:50] sixy-home: i shall download and try reinstalling usbutils
[22:51] sixy-home: ugh..
[22:59] sixy-home: ill have to reboot and see if this works
[23:56] sixy-home: ...
[23:56] sixy-home: rawrr