#slitaz 2014-02-02

[00:08] godane: i'm on my old slitaz-tank
[00:09] godane: trying to update it
[13:25] tux_: color=green
[15:13] AwesomePhoenix: Hello, this may be a stupid question: I used universal tool mentioned in doc to put slitaz 4.0 in usb. SliTaz starts loading and then it get stuck at loading module intel_agp. The slitaz base loads though. (no graphical interface). I have nvidia card though :/
[15:14] AwesomePhoenix: What should I do>
[15:14] banjo: dont know really what it could be, but with vesa it should load into graphic mode
[15:16] banjo: but loads it into console, so u can log in?
[15:16] AwesomePhoenix: I can't with all loading modes except the base one
[15:17] AwesomePhoenix: all other modes stuck at intel_agp and freezes keyboard (num lock not responding)
[15:18] banjo: installed it with the usb install from menu? i do it this way and i had no problems this way
[15:19] AwesomePhoenix: I have not used slitaz yet
[15:19] AwesomePhoenix: tried installing it in usb with windows
[15:19] banjo: checked iso image if its good, live cd works without problems?
[15:19] Trixar_za: Try booting it with the command line from the CD Boot menu with core lang=US_en kmap=us
[15:20] AwesomePhoenix: have to go afk for 3min
[15:20] banjo: ah ok. im not familiary with windows. i would burn cd-rw and install it from there to usb. its easier:)
[15:28] AwesomePhoenix: Well
[15:28] AwesomePhoenix: My cd writter is disconnected
[15:29] AwesomePhoenix: I dont have enough SATA cables :/
[15:29] AwesomePhoenix: My objective is to install slitaz to HDD
[15:30] AwesomePhoenix: found out that it is the best linux and I am sure I am going to put it there :)
[15:31] banjo!~banjo@dsdf-4db5d497.pool.mediaWays.net PRIVMSG #slitaz :isnt it possible to save the iso image on usb and boot it from there, so u can install it?: isnt it possible to save the iso image on usb and boot it from there, so u can install it?!
[15:31] AwesomePhoenix: But I have to install it on USB properly, don
[15:32] AwesomePhoenix: 't I?
[15:32] AwesomePhoenix: the problem is that it does not boot :C
[15:32] Trixar_za: TazBot: flavors
[15:32] Trixar_za: TazBot: flavours
[15:32] AwesomePhoenix: I mean stucks at intel_agp
[15:32] banjo: http://doc.slitaz.org/en:handbook:liveusb
[15:32] Trixar_za: I know I put it there somewhere
[15:33] Trixar_za: TazBot: slitaz flavors
[15:33] banjo: this u tried?
[15:33] TazBot: Trixar_za: http://mirror.slitaz.org/iso/stable/flavors/
[15:33] Trixar_za: There we go - try the core iso with a usb boot creator program
[15:33] Trixar_za: Most fail with the default 4-in-1 iso because it has four rootfs files rather than just one.
[15:34] Trixar_za: Use something like unetbootin
[15:36] AwesomePhoenix!~H@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :Okay: Okay!
[16:20] AwesomePhoenix: That did not worked out :/
[16:21] AwesomePhoenix: Still stopped at intel_agp
[16:21] AwesomePhoenix: tried pci=noacpi launch option, did not changed anything
[16:22] AwesomePhoenix: latest unetbootin + slitaz 4.0 core
[16:22] AwesomePhoenix: to usb
[17:16] banjo: i dont know this whole usb thing+unetbootin+windows. maybe u have a friend where u can burn cd and then install it AwesomePhoenix
[17:22] AwesomePhoenix!~H@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :Well, thanks for your time, everybody: Well, thanks for your time, everybody!
[22:44] tux_: SALVE