#slitaz 2014-01-28

[01:12] grrk-bzzt: Hello
[01:13] grrk-bzzt: I'm very interested in the fact that Slitaz can boot entirely into RAM
[01:14] grrk-bzzt: I would like to know if it's possible to make a LiveUSB of Slitaz that can boot to RAM but also memorise the change I make? Like some files or installing new software.
[01:26] dlorh_: grrk-bzzt: it is possible. if you make two partitions on your usb key, the liveinstaller will ask you if i remember if you want a separate /home
[01:26] dlorh_: but i don't get the tool here.. so can't tell you, and i leave
[01:28] grrk-bzzt: Ok
[16:54] misbah: hi
[16:54] misbah!244a7b91@gateway/web/freenode/ip. PRIVMSG #slitaz :: !help
[16:56] misbah: .help
[16:56] _edEr: what?
[19:13] Trixar_za: TazBot: Who owns all the girls?
[19:13] TazBot: All I know is that pankso owns all the girls...
[21:55] slitaz: sup homies :)
[21:55] slitaz: i just installed slitaz 3 on my old pentium 166 ^^
[22:37] pink2: is this the official slitaz channel ?
[22:39] pink2: i must say its a very nice distribution and shows how much work was put into it :)
[22:48] dlorh: pink2: yes, official
[22:49] pink2: thx
[22:51] pink2: can i ask if the packages are compiled for a certain architecture like -march=i586 ?
[22:53] pink2: I'm thinking about installing it from scratch like described in the docu...
[23:04] vex_: hi