#slitaz 2014-01-27

[12:21] dloo: hi
[13:30] godane: so looks like packges-cooking.iso uses the old slitaz cooking iso from 2011
[13:30] godane: but updates the wok and packages to the very latest version
[17:35] zainka: hi
[17:39] zainka: I have slitaz on a HPthinclient T5545, rolling core, grub sets boot option VGA=791. Now, I cant boot into desktop, only console. I updated the xorg driver. The T5545 uses viachrome graphical chip. When running livecd, rolling core with VGA=791 it boots well. How may I tweak the xorg driver to work.
[18:04] zainka: Are there problems with the Slitaz.org servers ??? It seems rather unstable to me and I have several times last days had big, nor, enormus problems logging into the forum to read other peoples solutipons
[18:05] dlorh: down fromh a while..
[18:05] dlorh: you should know when they are 'up'
[18:12] zainka: I just wondered if there where known problems, and that it is just now this is and not normal behaviour
[19:31] godane: so hg is back
[19:31] godane: but its out of date
[19:51] tux_: hi
[19:52] tux_: how do you do ??
[19:52] tux_!~tux@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :anyone !: anyone !!
[19:52] tux_: ok BRB
[19:52] tux_: exit
[22:24] pankso: godane: do you still use tazwok and need his code in the kernel receipt ?
[22:24] pankso: Or can I clean it up ?
[22:26] godane: i don't think the tazwok code is needed anymore
[22:29] pankso!~pankso@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :ok thanks: ok thanks! And what do you think about the symlink in /lib/modules ?
[22:30] pankso!~pankso@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :If I remove the link it solve my sound bug: If I remove the link it solve my sound bug! I think this symlink is causing some trouble
[22:31] godane: symlink in /lib/modules?
[22:31] godane: is that the one for building source or something
[22:38] pankso: nope from a while mods are installed in /lib/modules/linux-3.2 and we create a link to slitaz-3.2.53 to make depmod work or should I say to try to make depmod work
[22:39] pankso: in 3.2-slitaz and link is 3.2.53-slitaz