#slitaz 2014-01-26

[12:08] dlor: website down?
[14:56] pankso: pangolin.slitaz.org is down so all sites hosted on it are down: www, forum, hg, scn,...
[14:56] pankso: I dont have any news from Erjo :-(
[15:06] dlor: pankso: from a while :)
[15:32] godane: that sucks
[15:37] godane: i'm grabbing the packages-cooking.iso
[15:38] godane: i figure i can at least grab a mirror of the packages so try to work on slitaz-tank at some point
[15:49] tux_: test
[17:41] riqdiiz: Tazbot help
[22:49] dlorrr: Hi
[22:50] dlorrr: Is there any module to load for using an iphone on a slitaz livecd?
[23:01] libertas: hi, I booted a live session and I'm trying to install to the harddisk of a qemu vm
[23:02] libertas: but can't install the bootloader
[23:02] libertas: tazinst list show /dev/hda1 (for the entire system) and /dev/hda2 (swap) and /dev/hdc (the iso)
[23:05] libertas: error: no disk selected cannot install any bootloader
[23:05] libertas: what can I do?