#slitaz 2014-01-25

[04:15] godane: so i hate Richard Dunbar
[04:15] godane: this change is bad: http://hg.slitaz.org/wok/rev/d47a9830c088
[04:16] godane: post install is setup to remove transmission-gtk
[04:18] godane: so the stupid package is delete it self
[05:12] dcosnet: o
[19:43] pankso!~pankso@ PRIVMSG #slitaz :Hey godane, nice to see you in Hg logs: Hey godane, nice to see you in Hg logs!
[19:51] godane: hey pankso
[19:52] godane: i'm on slackware right now
[19:52] godane: i do plan on at least looking to move back to slitaz
[19:53] godane: but to me slitaz still looks like a mess
[20:13] godane: pankso: what is this mixer.slitaz.org going to be?
[21:15] pankso: It's for some users services and testing stuff
[21:33] godane: looks like hg.slitaz.org is not responding
[21:34] godane: i'm getting a connection timed out error
[21:55] dlor: wow
[21:55] dlor: someone speaking here..
[22:04] pankso: hg is working fine on my side :-)
[22:06] godane: every time i pull its gives a connection timed out error
[22:06] godane: also i can't view the website anymore
[22:07] godane: so something is not working ont the usa side of things
[22:07] godane: i know i can view cook.slitaz.org
[22:08] godane: but i think thats on a different server then hg.slitaz.org
[22:18] dlor: someone knows how to use wpa key with special chars on slitaz?
[22:18] dlor: with $รน#{[|
[22:18] dlor: or in hex
[22:29] pankso: dlor: it does not work using /etc/network.conf ?
[22:31] pankso: godane: strange but www and hg have 2 DNS entry so if one server is down the other one will response
[22:31] godane: ok
[22:32] pankso: in fact no, just www have 2 address
[22:32] pankso: nslookup www.slitaz.org