#slitaz 2014-01-23

[01:13] imadori: hey guys. I would like to install from usb ... But i don t know how :( Someone can help me .. Thank You
[11:31] marcelstelian: hello
[11:33] marcelstelian: can someone help me to setup a broadband connection using austrumi linux?
[11:36] marcelstelian: join #austrumi
[14:44] dlor: i hope somebody will answer me.. i've an old laptop, with xi-300b wireless card, and trying to connect to a wpa wireless. But i get this : "failed to parse psk '""'
[20:41] dcosnet: dlor: it could be missing device firmware for that card
[20:48] dlor: dcosnet: i can connect to opened networks, not wpa :(
[20:50] dcosnet: o. no idea then
[20:50] dcosnet: i have a usb wifi-n card with a realtek chip inside that works well with the non-free drivers available on linux
[20:51] dcosnet: i also have a mini pcie wifi card from atheros that is 100% open source supported
[20:51] dlor: i dunno if there are other drivers.. i use modprobe orinoco_cs, and it works for open networks, but wpa have a problem with the key
[20:52] dcosnet: o
[20:52] dcosnet: if it is orinoco it is quite old. so old that it doesnt support wpa2
[20:52] dcosnet: that was from the WEP era
[20:53] dlor: any way to use the card with wpa?
[20:53] dcosnet: not sure
[20:53] dcosnet: but i do own an orinoco card here
[20:53] dlor: (i think that there are ' in the key that doesn't work..)
[20:53] dcosnet: in my drawer
[20:53] dcosnet: those where best known for their promiscious mode support
[20:54] dcosnet: and 100% stealth mode support for kismet
[20:54] dcosnet: and other monitors
[20:55] dcosnet: prism2 cards replaced them in that regard from 2004-2008
[20:55] dcosnet: now a days a buffalo card replaces those (most likely atheros chip)
[20:56] dcosnet: but getting an intel card is a decent idea also if you make sure it is supported
[20:56] dcosnet: avoid broadcom
[20:59] dlor: i can't change my wireless card, i don't have more..
[20:59] dlor: just need to know how to configure a wpa key with special characters..
[21:08] dcosnet: maybe put a before the '
[21:14] dlor: already tried :)
[21:16] dlor: do you have a wireless key with ' chars?
[22:44] dcosnet: currently no