#slitaz 2014-01-17

[03:47] Rhuieme: Hello
[03:48] Rhuieme: I have been trying to use the live CD, but having issues booting into the desktop
[03:49] Rhuieme: I just end up loading into an empty openbox with an xterm window open
[03:51] banjo: stable or rolling? 4in1 iso? try slitaz core if 4in1
[03:55] Rhuieme: stable 4.0
[03:56] Rhuieme: okaky
[03:58] Rhuieme: that definitely didn't work
[03:58] Rhuieme: didn't even get into a screen
[04:00] Rhuieme: core didn't go anywhere, just.. errors i guess
[04:02] Rhuieme: nvm, went to gtkonly, that did the trick
[04:04] banjo: maybe u should download the core iso
[04:08] banjo: http://mirror.slitaz.org/iso/stable/flavors/
[04:08] Rhuieme: hrm
[04:09] banjo: what machine you have? how much ram?
[04:10] banjo: for core with openbox+panels+everything elese u need 192mb ram
[04:10] Rhuieme: an old pen3 machine with 128 ram
[04:11] banjo: so try the loram.iso this should work
[04:11] banjo: from flavors
[04:15] Rhuieme: what is the different between that and the others?
[04:16] banjo: normal core need min 192 mb ram to boot. loram(low ram) need about 80 i think
[04:17] banjo: so thats why it stopped booting with gtk
[04:18] Rhuieme: boots fine with gtkonly though
[04:18] Rhuieme: minus all the.. yah..
[04:19] banjo: ok . dont know if u want to install on hdd. but when on hdd its just about 35mb ram after startup
[04:19] Rhuieme: that is my plan, to install to hard drive
[04:20] banjo: dont know if tazpanel is loaded with gtkonly. but thats the simplest way to install
[04:21] Rhuieme: tazpanel?
[04:22] banjo: try run tazpanel from xterm
[04:23] banjo: if no tazpanel loaded: http://doc.slitaz.org/en:handbook:installation
[04:26] Rhuieme: wha'ts the command line to run tazpanel.. just type.. tazpanel?
[04:27] banjo: jes
[04:27] Rhuieme: hrm
[04:27] Rhuieme: thought so
[04:29] Rhuieme: so anything i should know about loading or installing form lowram?
[04:29] Rhuieme: *from
[04:31] Rhuieme: does it boot into a gui or just a commandline?
[04:32] banjo: gui
[04:33] banjo: tested it rigt now and it just needs 90mb ram
[04:34] banjo: with tazpanel and everything else
[04:36] banjo: htop says 35...but u never know which one tells the truth;)
[04:45] Rhuieme: hehe, okay
[04:46] Rhuieme: what type of file system does it prefer to be installed into.. ext4.. or 2.. or?
[04:47] banjo: on an old machine with old hdd i would prefer ext3 instead of ext4
[04:48] banjo: some peopledont forget to make a swap partition
[04:48] banjo: ah
[04:48] banjo: make an swap partition
[04:48] Rhuieme: that i have not forgotten
[04:48] banjo: :)
[04:48] Rhuieme: though always a good reminder
[04:49] banjo: yeah with 128mb u will need this;)
[04:53] Rhuieme: its an old faithful computer, wanted to give it some life again
[04:54] Rhuieme: had crunchbang on it, but wanted a better OS for the ram
[04:54] Rhuieme: then i was told about this OS, wanted to give it a try
[04:55] banjo: i think u will be happy with slitaz:)
[04:57] Rhuieme: if i can get past the install
[04:59] Rhuieme: or do it right
[04:59] banjo: installation is going on?
[05:00] Rhuieme: i made an error in the installation, doing it over
[05:10] Rhuieme: ioapic for gsi errors hmm
[05:10] Rhuieme: it just boots me to a commandline
[05:11] banjo: when u log in and then type: startx
[05:11] banjo: what happens
[05:12] Rhuieme: its not finding the flines
[05:12] Rhuieme: *files
[05:13] Rhuieme: openbox-session: not found, line 4: xorg: not found
[05:14] banjo: hm..looked up in the documentation?
[05:17] banjo: was your secound install without errors?
[05:19] Rhuieme: nope
[05:19] Rhuieme: had errors
[05:20] banjo: :)
[05:20] banjo: without would be better;)
[05:20] Rhuieme!32b38cd7@gateway/web/freenode/ip. PRIVMSG #slitaz :i know: i know!
[05:20] Rhuieme: lol
[05:21] Rhuieme: i already a swap partition from former install, so SlizTaz was just using that via live CD
[05:25] Rhuieme: going to try a trick or two then, see what happens
[05:27] Rhuieme: at least i have to say thank you for your help banjo
[05:29] banjo: no problem. check doc and forum for more infos and help too
[05:30] banjo: here in irc u must have very much luck that someone is here or u have very much time
[05:58] Rhuieme: and back
[06:00] Rhuieme: still trying to figure out what i am doing wrong
[06:04] Rhuieme: its like those files don't exist on my HD, not finding them.
[06:04] Rhuieme: so weird
[06:06] Rhuieme: i did startx, just comes up with a black screen with a white mouse pointer on it
[06:07] banjo: hm
[06:09] banjo: didnt try at any time to install from the loram iso. dont know it its broken or something.....http://doc.slitaz.org/en:handbook:installation maybe you should go this way
[06:33] Rhuieme: yep, you nailed it, it was the iso itself
[06:33] Rhuieme: I installed from web, worked perfectly
[06:35] banjo: :)
[06:35] banjo: good to hear
[06:36] banjo: now u can enter the tiny slitaz universe;)
[06:39] Rhuieme: thank you kindly
[06:39] Rhuieme: i feel welcomed :)
[06:43] Rhuieme: hmm. stable or cook?
[06:48] banjo: kernel after update? thats a thing i didnt figured out too:)
[06:49] banjo: i normaly take the one on top...so for me its cooking
[06:51] Rhuieme: how i felt as well, what I did
[07:23] Rhuieme: you were right, i am really liking it
[07:23] Rhuieme: it was exactly what i was looking for, for this ancient computer of mine
[07:31] banjo: how old is it?
[07:32] Rhuieme: good question, completey forgot
[07:32] Rhuieme: had it for quite a while
[07:32] Rhuieme: its an AST computer
[07:32] Rhuieme: which they have been out of business for ages now
[07:33] Rhuieme: brb
[08:00] Rhuieme: awesome, figurd out the irc client
[08:01] Rhuieme: this actually takes me back some, i remember doing /commands a lot more back in the day, its actually kind of refreshing
[08:02] Rhuieme: i have to adimit, this is a really nice distro
[08:02] Rhuieme: glad i as told about it
[08:03] Rhuieme: I am curious, i saw xchat mentioned, what would be the best way to install that?
[08:05] Rhuieme: oops