#slitaz 2014-01-14

[06:34] Yudh: question - booting off livecd, can I take cd out and boot another machine?
[12:26] xup: Hi, there's this module floppy, he is loaded automatically, how I undo this?
[12:26] xup: I don't use it
[23:04] claudinei: pankso :)
[23:04] pankso: Hi all, irc.slitaz.org is running again and the channel is logged
[23:04] pankso: Hi Claudinei
[23:07] pankso: Also I removed LostIRC from core so I coded TazIRC client in SHell script that we can include in all flavors for a few kb!
[23:08] claudinei: but you didn't pushed it to hg, right?
[23:08] pankso: ok I have to fix a few things with tazirc...
[23:08] pankso: yes a few hours ago
[23:10] claudinei: ok, i just pushed the po file for tazirc, i'll wait the shell irc client to test ;)
[23:10] pankso: Did you have a nice start for this new year ?
[23:11] claudinei: yep, i'm working just part time on my job, so i have some time to slitaz :)
[23:11] claudinei: how are you and Kayam?
[23:12] pankso: Fine, first week back to work was hard but now it's fine
[23:12] pankso: but we dont have any snow :-(
[23:14] claudinei: i've never seen snow on my life :( there are some portions of the country that snows, but are far from here, down south
[23:15] pankso: It's lovely to see all the country land all white and silent
[23:16] claudinei: i'd prefer cold & silence, but all i can get here is heat & noisy streets... grrrrr
[23:17] pankso: yes I'm sure you would enjoy a lot
[23:18] claudinei: on the other side, heat = girls with less clothes :p
[23:20] dcosnet: good logic ^
[23:21] claudinei: i guess the correct expression is "on the other hand"... sorry ;)
[23:46] pankso: What about the colors on http://irc.slitaz.org/ ?
[23:52] claudinei: very readable, but i guess that blue is very... err... blue ;) on my opinion a lighter blue could work better. Maybe 36C or 36F
[23:59] dcosnet: speaking of warm weather
[23:59] dcosnet: http://daily-movement.com/daily/daily-sugar-daniela-lopez-osorio/
[23:59] dcosnet: wow