#slitaz 2014-01-13

[04:35] shagguar: hi, anyone knows what is the grub2 entry for slitaz 4 in a frugal ntfs partition install? I made mine in a already installed grub2 by ubuntu and get 2 bad results:
[04:36] shagguar: 1) only text mode login and failed startx returns
[04:37] shagguar: 2) after vmlinuz/kernel load a black screen
[12:40] tux_: hi
[12:58] xup: Hi, how do I install vim syntax on slitaz?
[12:58] xup: any package?
[19:42] shagguar: hi, anyone online?
[19:48] shagguar: I wanna know how configure an entry in a GRUB2 already installed by other distro
[19:48] shagguar: reading in forums i get 2 bad results
[19:51] shagguar: 1) A Loaded slitaz but in text mode (i didn't made an option to boot this way, just refuses to starts X). Ask me to login...so "tux" or "root/root" and when i input "startx" a fail returns. There is no Openbox files or nothing
[19:53] shagguar: 2) after load the kernel ok, when it tries to startX (i supouse) a black screen with a "_" apears and that is it. Hangs there.
[19:53] shagguar: so i cant boot Slitaz
[19:53] shagguar: Anyone can help me?
[19:57] dcosnet: you can edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg or /boot/grub/menu.lst whichever exists
[19:58] dcosnet: or you can run grub-install /dev/your-disk-not-partitions
[19:58] dcosnet: on each distro to try and regain a config that contains all
[20:01] dcosnet: as for windows booting i think the config file will contain an example you can alter to your needs
[21:42] dcosnet: hi